• Make more money on your advertising space
  • Get a significantly higher CPM
  • Work with multiple leading RTB & SSP platforms at the same time
  • Get your ad space to the right user at the right time and context
  • Access numbers, stats and reports through a single interface

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RTB has changed the banner advertising industry – more than 50% of all display advertising is now programmatic.

In a few short years, Programmatic Trading has emerged from the back rooms of digital networks to front and center in the battle for customer engagement. In recent research, IAB Europe polled more than 600 publishers, advertisers and agencies across the frontline of the advertising industry in Europe, and found that 89% of them believe that Programmatic will have a significant impact on digital advertising; 30% expect it to be dominant!

Yet, Programmatic Trading remains a confusing mix of three letter acronyms - SSP, DSP, DMP, RTB and more! - a swarm of potential solutions and a lurking fear that it’s going to put buyers and sellers out of a job. As a result, the same research showed that nearly half of all publishers and two thirds of marketers believe that they do not yet really understand programmatic, or how to capitalize on it.

We at MediaGroup Monetize know how!


We constantly offer you the best possible CPM price for your Inventory.

Most small and medium Publishers:

  • Do only use one ad supplier e.g. Google Adsense
  • Do not know how to work with multiple RTB platforms at the same time
  • Do not have the resources to optimize supply side platforms
  • Do not know how to work with data driven advertising
  • Do not have the resources to keep up with the fast changing environment
  • Do not know how to capitalize on data
  • Are not optimizing their revenue


The MediaGroup Monetize Optimizer Concept

MediaGroup Monetize is a data and real-time driven platform that meet advertisers need for buying ads at the right time at the right place 24x7x365 – By offering buyers, more data and information on your inventory we will get you better prices than you traditionally could get through e.g. Google AdSense.

We make programmatic advertising easy with only one platform and a very customer focused interface. Learn why many of our customers are choosing a high-performance programmatic optimization platform, and how they now consolidate their inventory with our MediaGroup Monetize Optimization platform.


RTB yield optimization for small and medium publishers

The business idea is based on the increasing demand for RTB (Real Time Bidding) knowledge for small and medium sized publishers. Currently, many websites already have banner advertisement on their website which generates profits for their company.

Typically, most websites only operate with one banner supplier e.g. most likely Google Adsense. This arrangement contributes to their business. However, a partnership with MediaGroup Monetize will insure an enhanced revenue using RTB. We are dedicated to serve our clients in order to help them generate even more profit for their business!


Founded in 2014, MediaGroup Monetize is a company providing real-time advertising technology. Committed to increase revenue for media owners and publishers, MediaGroup Monetize provides an innovative platform to automate and improve the monetization of advertising, data and audience through all public and private channels.



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